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Crime levels in Brentwood are generally fairly low – with only shoplifting and vehicle crime being close to the national average.

Remember, CCTV is a huge deterrent when it comes to crime, so the odds are that your property will not be broken into, but even if it is, then the footage captured on camera can be used to bring the culprit to justice. It’s a win-win situation for you.

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Why is CCTV so beneficial?

If you had to choose between two properties to try and access without anyone knowing about it, chances are you’d pick the one that didn’t have CCTV cameras monitoring the doors and windows. Presented with that scenario, you can see the main reason why many people invest in CCTV systems for their own homes and businesses.

But there are plenty of other benefits too. Take the likely versatility such a system can offer you, for example. Many modern systems can be accessed via a range of devices. You can monitor the footage from your own system via your computer, for instance. But did you know you can also view it from your smartphone or tablet, if you choose a system with this capability?

There are other things to think about too. There’s nothing like settling down at home and feeling safe, even if you are there on your own. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the middle of nowhere or in the centre of a city. CCTV can provide an extra layer of security that’s hard to deny. You can also benefit from watching over your business even when you’re not there to do so in person. That’s the power of CCTV.

View CCTV footage anytime of the day or night

For complete versatility and coverage, our CCTV cameras provide footage you can see day and night – no matter how dark it gets.

Capture high-quality images for the police

When you have CCTV, you’re less likely to be targeted by criminals. But if you are, you can pass over high-quality images from your footage to the police to aid in their investigations.

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